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At Community Connection, LLC, our mission is our commitment to our community, and it starts with helping you.

Health Insurance can be confusing. It is not an easy task to figure out without someone sitting down and explaining the basics of it. Many people will just not do anything because sometimes it is unaffordable for them. Some people have a choice to either be able to eat or to just simply pay for healthcare right  costs. People are paying outrageous copays for brand named drugs that they really cannot afford. Many people do not connect with the right resources to receive the help. Some people are in situations that make then want to give up on life and just refuse to seek help. I have over 4,000 clients and I hear these stories every single day. These stories became a habit and I decided to study and check into what resources are actually available out there. 

Our Team

We love building products and services for you.

Jennifer Jackson

CEO – Licensed Health and Life Agent/Broker

Jennifer Jackson – Owner of Community Connections, LLC- Licensed Health and Life Insurance Agent in Ky and TN. Jennifer has a passion for helping others. She has a BA in Business Admin and a Masters Degree in Adult Education and also a Masters in Healthcare Administration. She is currently certified on the FFM and Agent/broker certification for Medicaid via Kynect in Kentucky. Jennifer has a commitment to the elder population. She is always researching wonderful opportunities to help the community. 



Whitney Lunsford

Licensed Health Agent

Whitney is a Licensed Health Insurance agent – Prior office management experience in a former Insurance Agency. . She has the flexibility and passion to help all ages. She pursues the insurance field because she wanted to follow her mom’s footsteps (Jennifer Jackson). She is fun and outgoing. She wants to make a difference in her small community and help people get the help they deserve. She has a passion for others and enjoys spending time with folks in need of assistance. Whitney goes that extra mile. She is also our HR go-to person. If you need to contact Whitney direct, you may do so at :




Victoria Jackson

Licensed Insurance Agent

Victoria is working as the flexible one. She is currently in Nursing School but is a Licensed Insurance Agent with Community Connections, LLC. She comes in a couple of days each week to assist with clients and work in the background by filling in where needed. Victoria has a passion to help others and loves seeing people smile.


Heather Couch

Patient Advisor

Heather graduated from Clay County High and has 2+years in college toward’s her Psychology Degree. Heather is a very delightful business associate to work with. She is dedicated to helping others. Heather is married and has three daughters. She enjoys spending time and making memories with her family!

Heather’s past work experience has elevated her knowledge in the health insurance field. After 4 months of employment with Community Connections, she was promoted to a CAC counselor for the Medicaid Assister program and became our Top Medicaid Specialist. 

Heather has a big future with Community Connections, LLC.


Chris Layden

Licensed Insurance Agent

Chris Layden has joined the team at Community Connections. He brings us lots of experience in the health insurance field. Chris was raised in Charleston, WV. 

Chris worked for a Marketing Organization that focused on teaching new agents about medicare products and how to grow the insurance business. Chris has been training since June of 2019 with Community Connections. He has taken our Model back to the WV State to assist others there that need a licensed agent to help them obtain the benefits they qualify for. He’s very passionate and a great guy to get to know. If you are in the West VA area and need a local agent, Chris is the man to talk to. Chris may be contacted directly at (304) 807-7076. 

Meet “Chip”

Licensed Insurance Agent

Chip is our Community Chipmunk. He Loves Us and everyone Loves Him! He appears from Time To Time. He loves Festivals and other local events. Stop by and Meet the Community Chipmunk! We have lots of activities for him! His job is to hand out candy and balloons. We promise he will make you laugh! 

We’d Love to Hear From You

Get in touch with Community Connections, LLC for assistance with your insurance needs. You may contact us by phone or email to schedule a face-to-face consultation. Otherwise, you can fill out the inquiry form on this page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If it’s an emergency, then call us, let us know what you need. We have an on-call support team. 

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